11th Hour Summer Internships

We fund summer internships for current and recently graduated Journalism School graduate students. Our summer 2023 interns are as follows:

Ayla Burnet

Ayla Burnett

Ayla Burnett is a narrative writer and investigative reporter covering climate change, environmental justice and food systems in the Bay Area. She is interested in reporting on the historical and present-day politics that allow for the creation and perpetuation of food deserts in Oakland, the complexities of food availability as it relates to a neighborhood's proximity to grocery stores and their affordability, and the role of food banks and other food organizations in addressing not only food security, but nutrition and cultural sensitivity to food choices. Ayla is also interested in covering food activism in Oakland.

Laura Isaza

Laura Isaza

Laura Isaza is an audio and print journalist covering the environment. Her coverage focuses on climate change, water, and the outdoors. This summer she is interning with KALW where she plans to cover stories related to water, agriculture, and environmental justice. She will graduate from UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism in 2024.

Katie Rodriguez
Civil Eats

Katie Rodriguez

Katie Rodriguez is an investigative reporter and photojournalist passionate about telling stories of environmental health, climate policy, agriculture and oceanic food systems. She is a 2023 graduate of UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism and a reporter from the Investigative Reporting Program. This summer, she's interested in telling stories about the seafood industry with goals of cultivating a better understanding of our marine ecosystems and the threats they face through the food we eat.