2022 Fellows & Editors

DANA CRONIN, Oakland, California, @DanaHCronin

Dana Cronin is an award-winning freelance audio and print journalist focused on stories involving food, agriculture, climate change and environmental justice issues. She’s a former reporter for Harvest Public Media, a Midwest-based agriculture reporting collaboration. Her work regularly appears on national broadcasts including NPR’s Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Science Friday and the PBS Newshour. Dana’s fellowship story is on chemical fertilizer pollution along the Mississippi River basin.

GREGORY BARBER, San Francisco CA, @GregoryJBarber

Gregory Barber is an environment reporter for WIRED who often writes about scientific and moral dilemmas involved in the transition to clean energy. He’s been the recipient of multiple reporting awards, including the 2022 Walter Sullivan Award for Science Journalism.

GREY MORAN, New Orleans, Louisiana, @gretalomoran

Grey Moran is a senior reporter at Civil Eats and freelance journalist. Their reportage on food systems, climate change, and corporate malfeasance can be found in The Intercept, Grist, The New York Times, The Guardian, and elsewhere. They graduated from Columbia Journalism School with a degree in science journalism.

HUNTER LU, New York, New York, @hungryhunterny

Hunter Lu is a journalist, editor, and fiction writer. Currently, a features editor at Tasting Table, his writing and essays have appeared in Atlas Obscura, The Cleaver Quarterly, The War Horse, Edible Queens, and The Manual. His fiction has been published in The Line Literary Review and The Bangalore Review. Before the writer’s life, he worked an assortment of jobs ranging from podcasting to sustainable agriculture, spending a year as an AmeriCorps volunteer on an urban farm in Seattle. In a previous life, he served in Iraq, conducting military intelligence operations for the U.S. Army. He holds an MA from New York University and a BA from UC Berkeley and is currently working on a novel. Hunter’s story about food and the Taiwan and China conflict was published in Foreign Policy in December 2022.

ISABELLA BLOOM, Berkeley, California, @izzyabloom

Isabella Bloom is an audio journalist covering stories about race, language, disability and the environment. She’s a 2022 graduate of UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism and she’s currently working as an audio producer at KQED. Her work has appeared on NPR’s Code Switch, PRI’s The World, KQED’s The California Report Magazine and more. Isabella’s fellowship story is about an island where a small tribe’s attempt to get native land back succeeded far ahead of its time.

JASON STROTHER, Bloomfield, New Jersey @lens15media

Jason Strother is a multimedia journalist and founder of Lens15 Media, a news platform that focuses on disability and accessibility. His work as a National Geographic Explorer and Fulbright scholar examines the intersection of climate change, disaster management and disability. He also teaches journalism courses at Montclair State University. Jason’s fellowship story, which follows his efforts to learn more accessible ways for people with visual disabilities to food shop, will air on the podcast Proof in April 2023.

JESSICA FU, Vancouver, BC, @JessTiaFu

Jessica Fu is a reporter covering environmental issues, food and agricultural policy, science, and other beats. Her reporting has appeared in The Guardian, The Intercept, High Country News, and others. Jessica’s fellowship story on the biogas industry and California dairies was published in The Guardian in February 2023.

JESSICA DE LA TORRE, Oakland, California, @JXSDLT

Jessica De La Torre is a freelance video producer and journalist. They’re currently completing their last semester at UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism where they focused on short form documentary and reporting on Latinx communities. Their fellowship story on teenage farmworkers was published in Teen Vogue in October 2022.

LAUREN LARSON, Austin, Texas, @lrnlrsn

Lauren Larson is a freelance writer, and was previously an editor at Texas Monthly and GQ. She writes celebrity profiles, essays, and narratives, and is particularly drawn to stories about underappreciated celebrities, health and its extremes, experts in unusual fields, and unexpected communities. Her story will appear in Texas Monthly in 2023.

TERESA COTSIRILOS, Berkeley, California, @tessacotsirilos

Teresa Cotsirilos is a reporter and producer at the Food and Environment Reporting Network (FERN), where she covers labor rights and climate equity in the Western US. Her work has been published by the New York Times, Reveal, NPR, Mother Jones, Snap Judgment, the California Report Magazine, the World and other outlets


Julia Longoria is host and managing editor of the podcast More Perfect, a show about the Supreme Court from WNYC Studios. Previously, she hosted The Experiment, a co-production of The Atlantic and WNYC Studios. And before that, she was a producer at The New York Times audio. Her work has been featured on Radiolab, Planet Money, and Marketplace.

Vann Newkirk is a senior editor at the Atlantic. He has covered the battles for voting rights since the 2013 Shelby County Supreme Court decision, the fate of communities on the front lines of climate change and disasters, the Black vote in the 2018 and 2020 elections, and wrote the September 2019 cover story for the Atlantic on black land loss. He hosted the Atlantic’s podcast Floodlines, a narrative series about Hurricane Katrina. His forthcoming book, Children of the Flood, a chronicle of Black America’s fight against climate crises, will be published by Random House.

Jennifer Kahn is a contributing writer for the New York Times Magazine, and has been a regular feature writer for The New Yorker and National Geographic, among others. Her work has been selected for the Best American Science Writing series four times, and has explored subjects ranging from the “rational self-help” movement in Silicon valley, to the challenge of identifying and treating child psychopaths. Since 2009, she has taught in the Magazine Program at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, and was a visiting Ferris Professor of Journalism at Princeton in 2015.

Malia Wollan is a contributing writer for the New York Times Magazine. Her work has also appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Harper’s, National Public Radio, New York Magazine, the Associated Press and PBS’s Frontline/World. She has lectured at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism, is a former editor at Meatpaper magazine, and directs this fellowship.